Motivation: Bringing UX forward

We depend on human-centered thinkers to challenge assumptions, draw lines in the sand, and chart new paths that protect and empower the people whose lives our software touches.

We need designers and UX researchers to have a seat at the table as we tackle emerging challenges in fields such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and secure communication.

We must make space for cutting-edge dialogue that focuses not just on the technical, but the human and the ethical.

2019: An immersive residency experience

Join a small but global cohort of UX designers and researchers building a better future. In 2018 we will focus on how UX can make new technologies (including the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence) understandable and trustworthy from a privacy-preserving perspective.

This week-long program will include workshops with guest lecturers, individual or small-group work sessions, critiques, and public cultural events.

There are opportunities for travel and lodging support.

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