What we do

Simply Secure supports practitioners in putting people at the center of trustworthy technology. We provide professional education for user experience designers, researchers, and developers working on privacy, security, transparency, and ethics.

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Our activities

Hands-On Support & Consulting

We work directly with practitioners by facilitating workshops, holding public office hours, and leading security teams through design practices like wireframing and lo-fi prototyping. Our custom support sessions cover topics such as interaction design, content strategy, information architecture, and usability, and we tailor them to the individual challenges of each project.

We also offer more involved, paid consulting services to build organizations’ skills in user experience and privacy. We have conducted technical and design audits of technologies under development. These engagements help us both stay in touch with practitioners’ priorities and sustain our mission to spread best practices.

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Open Research

Our research provides targeted insights to build technology and to spur users in safeguarding their own privacy. We have conducted research into user attitudes toward mobile messaging and police surveillance as well as app loyalty programs…

Professional Education

Our Knowledge Base helps practitioners build skills in topic areas from the Internet of Things to user research. We develop field resources and conduct team trainings. To keep ahead of security practitioners’ needs and priorities, we regularly contribute to in-person knowledge sharing through speaking engagements, conference presentations, and workshop facilitation.

Community Building

We organize events and foster a peer-support network to build leadership skills in the emerging field of UX and security. Our fellowship program and volunteer practitioners connect communities across professional and geographic boundaries.

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