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The Feira @ the Global Gathering 2023: Will you join us there?

The Feira @ the Global Gathering is a three day social and networking festival for digital rights defenders, hosted in an outdoor space in Estoril, Portugal on September 15, 16 and 17, 2023. Join Jamie Tomasello and Eriol Fox from the Superbloom team, Matt Stempeck from Civic Tech Field Guide and Caroline Sinders from Convocation there!

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Human Rights Centered Design: Respecting the Privacy and Security of Users While Still Sharing User Insights Among Practitioners

With support from the Open Technology Fund Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab, UX Designers, User Researchers, Digital Security Trainers and OSS tool builders gathered at RightsCon 2023 for the Human Rights Centered Design convening. We held critical discussions about the challenges and opportunities that sharing user insights could bring to how OSS tools for human rights needs are built in ways that are more context sensitive and specific, and share these insights here

Launching USER: Findings and Recommendations for Scientific and Research Open Source

Usable Software Ecosystem Research (USER) is a Sloan Foundation-supported research initiative that explores how open source scientific and research software (SROSS) teams understand, consider, and undertake usability and design opportunities in their projects. To read more about this project please check out Blog #1, Blog #2, our project website, and open repo.

Meet Jasmine McNealy, Superbloom Board Member

We welcomed Jasmine McNealy to our Board of Directors in 2022. Jasmine brings extensive expertise in privacy, information, communications, technology, law, and policy to our Board. We interviewed Jasmine to learn more about her, her career path, why she serves on our board, and what our mission means to her. Be sure to check out our upcoming interviews with Board members Jackie Lu and Scout Brody, as well.

Together Against Deceptive Design

In partnership with the World Wide Web Foundation and 3x3, we are pleased to launch the results of the Deceptive Design Tech Policy Design Lab - the culmination of a series of workshops with 117 stakeholders from 31 countries - five opportunities for changing the status quo and moving towards trusted design patterns.

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Using Personas in Open-Source Projects

Design is all about making decisions. From a rebrand to a feature specification, from a new product to a new logo, every design change presents you with a fresh set of decisions. Personas are a way to help with those decisions.

A Curated List of GDPR Resources

GDPR is around the corner, and here are our best tips.

Blink and You’ll Miss It: Notifications in an AI World

I’ve been enjoying the videos from AI Now, an exploration of artificial intelligence and ethics hosted by the U.S. White House and NYU’s Information Law Institute. Co-chairs Kate Crawford and Simply Secure co-founder Meredith Whittaker put together a program focused on issues of social inequality, labor, and ethics in artificial intelligence. AI inspiration Looking at the program through a UX design lens, there were abundant design opportunities to make AI systems more effective, transparent, and fair.

Illustrated Quick-start Intro to Wireframing

If you're new to UX design, wireframing is a powerful tool to understand how users experience your software. People with technical backgrounds benefit from wireframing because it forces them to take a step back from their coding mentality. Rather than focusing on the technical architecture, wireframing exposes the user-experience structure: how the user moves from one screen to another. Example wireframes taken from Both show the same content organized with two different structures, but the left wireframe is better because it discloses choices rather than keeping them hidden.