Participant Bill of Rights

We respect you and appreciate your time. Everyone participating in an interview with Simply Secure has the following rights:

  1. I can ask questions about the interview, the organization, or the interviewer at any time.

  2. I do not have to answer any question that I do not want to.

  3. I can refuse to be video or audio recorded and I will still be compensated.

  4. I can leave at any time and I will still be compensated.

  5. I can provide confidential feedback on my interview experience to the interviewer’s manager.

  6. I must approve the use of any photos, audio, videos or anonymized quotes that are used publicly, whether on a website, on a blog, or in the press.

  7. Once a photo, video or quote has been published, I have the right to request it be taken down at any point in the future.

You can reach Simply Secure any time by emailing