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Bernard Tyers

User Researcher & Interaction Designer, Sane UX Design • @bernardtyers • he/him

Bernard works on open source software and digital public services where privacy, security, identity, accessibility, inclusion are vital. He’s lead international user research, and designed services for vulnerable user groups. He’s contributed to the Python package manager, Yunohost, SecureDrop and Briar. Bernard is a founder of Open Source Design collective, an organisation that advocates for UX design in open source software, and is member of the Open Technology Fund advisory council. His MSc. in Human Centred Design dissertation was on user mental models of the Off-The-Record encryption protocol for instant messaging. Before he came to the “Light Side” of technology, he was an engineer and systems administrator for 15+ years.


  • Focus Areas: User research: choosing the right method, how to do it, doing it on a budget, in open source, UX Design: choosing the right method/how to do it/doing it on a budget/in open source, vulnerable and at-risk user groups
  • Location: London. Available to coach remotely.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Basic German, Arabic