The Feira @ the Global Gathering 2023: Will you join us there?

The Feira @ the Global Gathering

feira. [ˈfejra ] feminine noun. 1. fair. 2. (mercado) market. fazer a feira to go to market. feira livre market. 

The Feira @ the Global Gathering is a three day social and networking festival for digital rights defenders, hosted in an outdoor space in Estoril, Portugal on September 15th, 16th and 17th, 2023. 

The Feira is designed to provide digital rights defenders with a space to connect with others in the digital rights community for informal meetups and discussions with food, music, local vendors, project booths, glitter and more.  The event is 100% outdoor; plenty of sun for all!

Superbloom team members: Jamie Tomasello (Managing Director), and Eriol Fox,  (Senior Designer & Researcher), and Superbloom FSPs Matt Stempeck (Civic Tech Field Guide), and Caroline Sinders (Convocation) will be attending the event and look forward to seeing you there.

Who is participating?

Jamie Tomasello will be attending as a digital security practitioner and organizational resilience and health advocate. Jamie has built global multidisciplinary operations, security, compliance, customer success, and trust and safety teams at internet service providers, security companies, law firms, and nonprofits for over 20 years. She/he finds joy in empowering teams and contributing to a culture where psychological safety is prioritized.

She/he will be co-hosting the Cyber FUD meetup on September 16th from 1400 - 1500, and she/he will be at the UX Clinic on the 16th and 17th of September. She/he will be attending sessions such as ‘From Rapid Response to Sustainable Protection: Responding to Digital Threats Through Funding’ and ‘Advancing SAFETAG as a framework for the next generation of organizational security practitioners’.

Eriol Fox will be attending as a Human Rights Centered Design (HRCD) practitioner and advocate. Eriol has been a long standing member of the HRCD community and helped organize remote and in person events centered around how designers and user experience specialists are involved in the design and build of technology used for human rights.

They will be at the UX Clinic on the 16th and 17th of September and Eriol will be available to support projects and people on human rights centered design topics.

They will be attending sessions such as ‘Experience of censored users’ ‘Mapping out collaboration and info sharing for anti-censorship work’ and ‘Sharing lesson on usability research / user needs’.

Matt Stempeck will be demoing Civic Tech Field Guide at The Feira @ The Global Gathering product showcase on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th. Members of the digital rights community are invited to browse its extensive collection of digital rights, cybersecurity, and responsible tech resources, and add their own projects so that others can find them.

Caroline Sinders is the co-founder of Convocation Research + Design and they will be attending as a human rights centered design, security, privacy, policy and OGBV expert. Caroline is an artist and researcher who has spent over a decade researching how technology harms marginalized groups. They are excited to see friends and attend IFF (now The Global Gathering) for the very first time! They aren’t sure what they will be seeing but are excited to float along and experience The Feira @ TGG. Catch Caroline at the UX Clinic on the 16th and 17th of September. Don’t be surprised if you see Caroline making zines, designing posters, or drinking copious amounts of coffee!

Where can you find us?

Friday 15th
  • Digital Security Meetup 1400-1500 (Jamie)
  • Researchers Meetup 1400-1500 (Jamie)
  • Technologist Meetup 1400-1500 (Jamie)
  • Project Showcase rounds 1500-1800 (Jamie)
  • North America Digital Rights Meetup 1530-1630 (Jamie)
  • Project Showcase: Civic Tech Field Guide - Booth 3 1600-1800 (Matt)
Saturday 16th
  • Cyber FUD 1400-1500 (Jamie)
  • Mapping Out Collaboration and Info Sharing for Anti-censorship Work 1400-1500 (Jamie)
  • IT Service Providers for Nonprofits & Human Rights Organizations 1530-1630 (Jamie)
  • Designers United + Accessibility Lab - UX and Comms Clinic + Digital Accessibility Awareness 1500-1600 (Eriol), 1600-1700 (Eriol, Caroline)
  • Quiet — Table 1600-1800 (Jamie)
  • Project Showcase: Civic Tech Field Guide - Booth 3 1600-1800 (Matt)
  • Experience of Censored Users 1700-1800 (Jamie)
  • Web Accessibility 1700-1800 (Jamie)
  • Harassment Reporting 1700-1800 (Jamie)
Sunday 17th
  • Designers United + Accessibility Lab - UX and Comms Clinic + Digital Accessibility Awareness 1400-1500 (Caroline), 1400-1530 (Jamie), 1500-1800 (Eriol)
  • Sharing Lesson on Usability Research / User Needs 1400-1500 (Jamie)
  • From Rapid Response to Sustainable Protection: Responding to Digital Threats Through Funding 1530-1630 (Jamie)
  • Advancing SAFETAG as a Framework for the Next Generation of Organizational Security Practitioners 1700-1800 (Jamie)


Contributors: Jamie Tomasello, Eriol Fox, Matt Stempeck, Caroline Sinders.

With support from Open Technology Fund, @teamcommunity.


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