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Tara Tarakiyee

Tara is a public interest technologist, and a free and open source software advocate, and a longtime believer in the transformational potential of information technology as an enabler of human rights and to liberate societies from systemic oppressions. At the Jordan Open Source Association and the Association for Progressive Communications, they’ve worked to help support individuals, groups and communities working on human rights online and free and open source software build their capacity to work safely online. At the Open Technology Fund, they’ve helped essential and cutting edge open source internet freedom projects gain access to much needed resources and funding to do what they do best.  They currently work as a technologist at techcultivation.org, and enjoy investigating how far they can push the limits of home-cooked comfort food.


  • Fundraising and sustainability, community building, participatory design, privacy and digital security
  • Location: Berlin.  Available to coach live or remotely
  • Languages: English, Arabic, German
  • More information: https://tarakiyee.com/ twitter.com/tarakiye