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Aaron Brunmeier

Senior Programs Operations Manager

Aaron’s background is in operations, but that’s only part of the story. He started off his career working on a PhD in early American history studying contested public space in late 18th century New York City. However, life would eventually lead Aaron to enter politics, where he managed and worked on local and statewide campaigns before he became the Director of Operations and Production at a political media consulting firm. Aaron’s proud of the work he did helping elect progressives to office up and down the ballot, but he began to feel drawn toward working in tech. What energized Aaron about politics - fighting for what you believe in and creating a more just, equitable society - is what he found in tech working most recently at New/Mode, a civic tech startup, and now at Simply Secure. Here, Aaron focuses on fiscally sponsored projects, funder relationships, and project management with an eye toward process improvement.

Aaron lives in Chicago with his wife and pup. When he’s not working, he’s often going for long runs, talking about the White Sox to anyone who will listen, or biking around town exploring what’s new in the city.

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Email: aaron@simplysecure.org

Fingerprint: 6B9B C219 9379 6E65 D72E 4E4C C95C B0EB 29E2 276D