Coaching Tailored to Your Project

With experience designing for websites, dekstops, mobile, and embedded apps, we specialize in improving the user experience of privacy and security-related applications.

We give real-time feedback during office hours, such as sessions we've organized with Open Tech Fund and Prototype Fund grantees. We also conduct more detailed, independent UX reviews and then report back recommendations to the team. In addition to general UX guidance, we also offer a specialized Usable Security Audit.

Simply Secure has given user experience guidance to more than twenty projects on range of issues including:

  • Information architecture
  • UX flow
  • On-boarding experience
  • Visual design, identity, and branding
  • Creating style guides
  • Interaction design and motion graphics
  • Writing for in-app copy, app store descriptions, and websites
  • Service design, including multi-factor authentication

Our guidance doesn't end with our consultations. We work to build teams' skills and make them self-sufficient by recommending resources to delve deeper into issues themselves, such as Don't Let Color Drown Out Your Message and the Illustrated Quick-Start Guide to Wireframing from our Knowledge Base.

For teams that want to hire a professional designer, Simply Secure can help scope a creative brief and help structure projects for success integrating design and research into technical teams. Learn more about contracting creatives and how to organize your team for success.

We also provide peer support and discussion through our community building activities.

Developers sketching wireframes on paper.
Developers sketching wireframes of analogous websites during a hands-on user experience guidance session.