About this Resource

In partnership with Mozilla Foundation, we developed this resource as an expectation setting guide for the participants in the Mozilla Fellows Summit in 2020. The resource is available CC0, for use by whomever is interested.

Virtual Meeting Guidelines Resource

We have 4 kinds of sessions

  • Plenary
  • Workshop
  • Presentation
  • Coworking Hours

Session Styles & Participation Guidelines

Plenary (e.g. Opening & Closing):

  • Mode: Present, engaged, open-minded, ready to participate!
  • Level of interactivity: Moderate.
  • Up to 35+ people at once will make this a crowded Zoom room! Please make sure you are muted if you aren’t talking. Think about contributing via the chat and non verbals (e.g. nodding, thumbs up/down).
  • Consider: Only 1 tab at a time. Mute your alerts for everything except our Slack.


  • Mode: Curious, constructively selfish.
  • Level of interactivity: High.
  • These will start with everyone together responding to questions verbally or in writing and will also include small group breakouts for detailed discussion of your own work. Be sure to have a mutable microphone and as quiet an environment as possible.

Presentation/Guest Speaker

  • Mode: Listening, inquisitive.
  • Level of interactivity: Low.
  • There will be chances for Q&A at the end, but this is primarily a presentation. Listening on headphones while walking would be appropriate here.

Coworking Hours

  • Mode: Varied.
  • Level of interactivity: Up to you!
  • There will be an open channel with a host. Join it and cowork alone together, grab a small group and use one of the meeting room channels, join one of the guests office hour meetings, use the time as you like!

For the larger group sessions:

Use the shared notes.

Every session should have a shared notes document. If you are organizing your own breakout, please create a shared notes document and identify a notetaker at the beginning of the session. Although people can facilitate and notetake, we can also work together and support the session.</p>

Start with a roll call & an icebreaker.

Ask everyone to write their name (+ pronouns / location / any other info that’s helpful) in the roll call section of the shared notes. + answer an icebreaker in the shared notes doc.</p>

Ice Breaker Ideas

  • Superpower that you wish you had
  • Spectrogram in a (virtual) room, note: only 2 poles/quick vote
  • Prizes, e.g. for participation, collegiality,
  • Write your nearest city/place
  • Something related to the name (longest, alphabetically?)
  • Is there something Global Sprint has done that was successful?
  • Favorite emoji
  • Take a photo of your [computer, coffee cup, workspace, view]
  • Zoom Feature Explore (Options), e.g. breakouts, closed captions, layouts, virtual backgrounds, etc


Questions? Concerns? Contact us at contact@simplysecure.org.