Event: UX in a High-Risk World

As you know, building great software depends on a deep knowledge of users. If you're working on a project targeted at people who operate in high-risk situations, such as activists and journalists, it can be hard to get the quality insight you need to design features and experiences that will work for them.

If you're based in the San Francisco Bay area, there's an exciting event happening in July that focuses especially on user experiences for this population. UX in a High-Risk World, hosted by Internews on Thursday July 14th, will bring together "visionary leaders who are piloting and developing solutions for activists facing censorship, hacking, surveillance, and suppression in some of the world's most challenging environments".

Graphic reading Thu Jul 14 at 6:30 PM San Francisco, CA – UX in a High-Risk World – By: Internews

This is a great opportunity to talk not just about building secure, privacy-preserving software, but about the lived experiences of users who have an urgent need for it. We think that this is an important conversation, and we're offering support by sharing it with our community of partners and volunteers.

Internews will also announce the UXFund Call for Proposals at the event. As the event description notes, "UXFund is a small-grants program to support usability and accessibility improvements for open-source digital security tools."

Attendance is free but admission is limited, so if you want to go, register before the July 6th deadline!


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