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On Getting Things Done: A Conversation with Matthew Wild from Snikket

We interviewed Matthew Wild, the creator of Snikket—a safe and secure instant messaging app—to learn more about his work process and experience working with Simply Secure to improve Snikket’s usability with support from the Open Technology Fund (OTF) Usability Lab.

Making the Mindset Shift: An Interview with Digital Democracy Lead UX Designer, Sabella Flagg

Through the OTF Usability Lab, we were fortunate enough to work with Digital Democracy (Dd) on their application, Mapeo – a mobile app that enables indigenous communities across the world to document and map all kinds of useful data. We interviewed Dd’s Lead UX Designer, Sabella Flagg, to learn more about her journey to non-profit design work.

Sustaining Values-Driven Software by Attracting New Users

We helped website security service Deflect appeal to a larger user base by identifying ways to attract and maintain both human rights organizations and businesses as customers.

Dark Patterns in User Controls: Exploring YouTube’s Recommendation Settings

As part of our collaboration with Mozilla’s YouTube Regrets project in 2020, our team mapped out and analyzed YouTube controls in order to understand how users are given the illusion of control to manage and limit YouTube’s recommendations.

Bringing the Offline Online: Reviewing the Developer Experience of Awala

Technologies like Awala bridge digital divides and provide opportunities for people to connect safely, even when traditional infrastructure and politics might block their access. As part of the OTF Usability Lab, we performed a heuristic review of Awala and a review of the developer experience. Here we highlight the Developer Experience (DX), where we provided recommendations to make it easier for third-party developers to adopt the technology and suitable use cases.