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Making the Abstract Experiential

It’s difficult for many lay users who are unfamiliar with the mechanics ofhow the internet works to make assessments of risk or to secure theircommunications. One way that design can help is by making abstract conceptsunderstandable. There’s exciting work in understanding existing models ofsecurity and ways to leverage them in... (Read more)

What We Do

You learned at our launch that we’resetting out to improve the experience users have with secure-communicationtools. We told you that we want to work with the open source community, andthat we’re committed to documenting our activities transparently. But what doesthis mean in practice – how will Ame, Trouble and I... (Read more)

Dia dhaoibh, mise Nóirín!

Hi, I'm Nóirín (sounds like[n̪ˠõːɾʲiːɲ]). In Ireland, I have apretty common name: I share it with professors, politicians, and even ourpolice commissioner! Elsewhere, however, it's less simple. I've had conferencebadges in the names of "N√≥ir√≠n" and"NÛirÌn", online services often call me "Nóirín" or"N��ir��n", and I've even gotten mail for"N├âãÆ├é┬│ir├âãÆ├é┬¡n"!So at... (Read more)

Hello, I’m Ame, Design Director for Simply Secure

I’m Ame (sounds like “Amy”). Last month I joined Simply Secure afterspending the past eight years at IDEO, a global design and innovationconsultancy. While there, I designed consumer technology for entertainment, education,banking, media, businesssoftware, mobile/wearables, and home automation. Uniting all my work isHuman-Centered Design, a set of practices and research... (Read more)

Simply Secure's Growing Team

Happy Spring! Like so much in the northern hemisphere, our blog and Twitterstream have been largely dormant for a while – but we’ve been behind the scenesgetting ready for a season of tremendous growth. Since we announced SimplySecure in the fall, we’ve become formally established as a legal entity,interviewed and... (Read more)