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What We Do

You learned at our launch that we’resetting out to improve the experience users have with secure-communicationtools. We told you that we want to work with the open source community, andthat we’re committed to documenting our activities transparently. But what doesthis mean in practice – how will Ame, Trouble and I... (Read more)

Dia dhaoibh, mise Nóirín!

Hi, I'm Nóirín (sounds like[n̪ˠõːɾʲiːɲ]). In Ireland, I have apretty common name: I share it with professors, politicians, and even ourpolice commissioner! Elsewhere, however, it's less simple. I've had conferencebadges in the names of "N√≥ir√≠n" and"NÛirÌn", online services often call me "Nóirín" or"N��ir��n", and I've even gotten mail for"N├âãÆ├é┬│ir├âãÆ├é┬¡n"!So at... (Read more)

Hello, I’m Ame, Design Director for Simply Secure

I’m Ame (sounds like “Amy”). Last month I joined Simply Secure afterspending the past eight years at IDEO, a global design and innovationconsultancy. While there, I designed consumer technology for entertainment, education,banking, media, businesssoftware, mobile/wearables, and home automation. Uniting all my work isHuman-Centered Design, a set of practices and research... (Read more)

Simply Secure's Growing Team

Happy Spring! Like so much in the northern hemisphere, our blog and Twitterstream have been largely dormant for a while – but we’ve been behind the scenesgetting ready for a season of tremendous growth. Since we announced SimplySecure in the fall, we’ve become formally established as a legal entity,interviewed and... (Read more)

A Fellowship of Usability

Announcing a new program for usable-security researchersWe are pleased to announce one of our first initiatives – theSecure Usability Fellowship Program (SUFP) – inpartnership with the Open Technology Fund. This new program aims tocultivate applied research and creative collaboration at different levels and across institutions on the topic ofusable security,... (Read more)