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Dia dhaoibh, mise Nóirín!

Hi, I'm Nóirín (sounds like[n̪ˠõːɾʲiːɲ]). In Ireland, I have apretty common name: I share it with professors, politicians, and even ourpolice commissioner! Elsewhere, however, it's less simple. I've had conferencebadges in the names of "N√≥ir√≠n" and"NÛirÌn", online services often call me "Nóirín" or"N��ir��n", and I've even gotten mail for"N├âãÆ├é┬│ir├âãÆ├é┬¡n"!So at... (Read more)

Hello, I’m Ame, Design Director for Simply Secure

I’m Ame (sounds like “Amy”). Last month I joined Simply Secure afterspending the past eight years at IDEO, a global design and innovationconsultancy. While there, I designed consumer technology for entertainment, education,banking, media, businesssoftware, mobile/wearables, and home automation. Uniting all my work isHuman-Centered Design, a set of practices and research... (Read more)

Simply Secure's Growing Team

Happy Spring! Like so much in the northern hemisphere, our blog and Twitterstream have been largely dormant for a while – but we’ve been behind the scenesgetting ready for a season of tremendous growth. Since we announced SimplySecure in the fall, we’ve become formally established as a legal entity,interviewed and... (Read more)

A Fellowship of Usability

Announcing a new program for usable-security researchersWe are pleased to announce one of our first initiatives – theSecure Usability Fellowship Program (SUFP) – inpartnership with the Open Technology Fund. This new program aims tocultivate applied research and creative collaboration at different levels and across institutions on the topic ofusable security,... (Read more)

We're hiring!

Join our team and let’s make this happen.We have ambitious goals, and the first step to meeting them is growing our team. We’re officially hiring two new positions – an Operations Manager and a Research Director (or Associate Director).If you’re interested in helping us quickly make an impact on the... (Read more)