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Closing the Participation Gap: HotPETS Presentation Summary

I really enjoyed being part of the emerging-work track, HotPETS, at the PrivacyEnhancing Technologies Symposium earlier this month. From meeting lots of greatpeople to getting face-time with the Simply Secure team, Philadelphia wasfun.Scout and I presented “Human-CenteredDesign for Secure Communication: Opportunities to Close the ParticipationGap” as part of a session... (Read more)

Lessons from Architecture School: Part 3

This is the third and final installment in the series on Lessons fromArchitecture School: Lessons for IoT Security. You can also read the first and secondinstallments, or download the presentation.Thank you to the audience at Solid Conference forgood questions and lively discussion.Homes Are More Than HousesShop houses are a type... (Read more)

Niaje! Introducing Maina

I’m Maina, and I'm excited to start out at as a Senior Fellow at SimplySecure. Prior to this fellowship, I conducted research at the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt,and the Technische UniversitätDarmstadt. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, Ifocused on the usability of verification in Helios, an end-to-end... (Read more)

Hello Joseph and Kat

You’ve already met Gus, and we’re lookingforward to introducing you to Maina, the other Fellow that Simply Secure ishosting under the auspices of Open Tech Fund’s Secure Usability FellowshipProgram.Ours are not the only SUFP fellows, however – the EFF has been hosting Joseph Bonneau since the start of this year,and... (Read more)

All Your Base Are Belong To Gus

Hi, everyone! I’m Gus. I am pleased to be joining Simply Secure for aone-year fellowship.For the past year and change I worked for the Open Internet Tools Project,where I pioneered their work on security usability. OpenITP being an opensource organization, I had the great joy of doing all my work... (Read more)