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Introducing Superbloom

You spoke. We listened. Why Simply Secure is evolving into Superbloom.

Threats, Tests, and Trust: Designing for Mobile Surveillance Monitor

Supported by the Open Technology Fund, our team provided human-centered design and research support for Mobile Surveillance Monitor, a new, public online platform that tracks and maps mobile surveillance threats.

All Aboard: Getting Mainstream Users Up and Running on Decentralized Systems

Understanding the different types of users helped us design a better onboarding flow for Snikket, an open source decentralized messaging platform.

Building Blocks: Funding Digital Infrastructure From the Ground Up

We created Building Blocks to provide actionable resources for existing and potential funders to better support digital infrastructure projects and communities of practice.

Join us at RightsCon 2022

Would you like to hear how the move from deceptive design to trusted patterns is critical to our shared future? Would you like to learn more about how to make encrypted apps more inclusive and accessible? Do you need on the spot design and UX aid and advice to improve your tools? Simply Secure team members will be joining six sessions during Rightscon 2022: June 6-10. We’d love to see you, learn about your work, and collaborate. Come join us!