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Design for Interoperability: Why Designers Should Pay Attention to the ACCESS Act

Interoperability can help people evade government repression, document human rights violations, and have agency over their data. We take a look at interoperability and a proposed US law that could help small projects be more successful and grow faster in a web controlled by a few large companies.

Standing Together to Stop Online Bullying: Harassment of Women Journalists is a Community Problem

As part of the IWMF-led Coalition Against Online Violence, our team provided research and design support for the Online Violence Response Hub, a new digital resource designed to assist and inform women journalists facing threats from online bullying and harassment.

What's next for 'Simply Secure'? Part 2: Refreshing our name and identity

Since 2020, we've been working with our community to help rebrand Simply Secure. Here's where we are in the ongoing process of refreshing our name and identity.

Designing for a Global Audience in the Age of Remote Usability Testing

With support from Internews, our team helped improve a VPN that helps human rights defenders and journalists access the internet safely. We implemented a unique usability testing process that protects user privacy and overcomes typical remote testing challenges.

Strength In Numbers: Designing to Help At-Risk Users Protect Against Phishing Attacks

Amnesty International asked our team to help improve UX design for PhishDetect, an innovative open-source browser extension for human rights defenders and their communities.