Innovation Is About Putting People First

Fast Company's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design for 2018

Simply Secure is thrilled to be named as one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design for 2018 and to have our focus on “helping designers be more transparent and ethical” recognized.

Fast Company calls their list of innovative companies a “guide to the businesses that matter most.” We live in a time where much of the technology industry seems focused on monetizing clicks and likes, on tracking users to optimize conversions, and on warehousing data to train opaque AI models. We believe that truly innovative design is about more than clicks, conversions, and models. We need to focus the technology community not just on what’s good for companies, but good for people. This is the work that matters most.

All practitioners, from open-source software developers to brand designers and UX researchers, can work to make responsible and ethical technology. We’re here to support them, and to learn from them.

So if you are just finding out about us and the work we do now, welcome! We are happy to talk to teams seeking help at the intersection of design and thorny challenges in privacy, security, transparency, and ethics. We believe that designers and design should have a leadership role in shaping the conversation on these issues.

We help organizations large and small, so whether you’re at a big company and need a bespoke workshop to kickstart your design team in a new area, or whether you’re a cryptographer volunteering for an open-source project and need help with your design strategy, we want to hear from you. Connect with us on Twitter or at


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